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Double Bay Clinical Psychology has been providing compassionate, skilled and effective clinical psychology services and psychological care in Double Bay for 11 years and over 25 years in Sydney and internationally.  We look forward to being of assistance to you or your loved ones.

Many people never think that they would seek psychological therapy.  However, in today's busy and stressful world, the incidence of stress, depression and anxiety is on the rise, leaving many people feeling overwhelmed and in need of help.  Relationships can also suffer when we're too stretched or feeling alone with our distress.  

Seeking consultation, therapy or counselling from a properly trained Clinical Psychologist can be the first step to understanding, resolving and getting ahead of life's challenges.  You can not only gain symptom relief, but better understand yourself, why things became difficult in the first place and be in a better position to prevent further struggles.

You don't have to be "crazy" to speak to a Clinical Psychologist. Just as regular check-ups with your GP or dentist are important to your physical health, talking with a Clinical Psychologist is important for your psychological health and well-being.

We invite you to contact us to discuss anything which might be on your mind.

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Reasons People Might Seek Therapy

People seek psychological therapy for all kinds of reasons. 

These may include: